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April the Red Goldfish




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Nakladatelství: Phoenix Yard Books

A teenage fish with issues. A Shakespeare-quoting teenage fish with big ambitions…

April doesn't have an easy time of being a goldfish, not least because she is in fact a red fish. A teenager plagued with angst and boredom, April spins round and round in her tank, dreaming of exotic adventures and exciting meetings, while philosophising Hamlet-style on life's big questions. But how will she ever escape from her glass prison? And where to? Outside, a black cat is waiting for her and a battle of wits ensues. Who will pull off the ultimate April fool?

Marjolaine Leray's iconic red scribbles are back! From the same author-illustrator as the best-selling and much reviewed Little Red Hood, comes this exceptionally clever, witty and oh so stylish tale of a young fish's search for the meaning of life and what it means to be trapped in one's own goldfish bowl.

April the Red Goldfish is not a book for very young children but it is a title with huge crossover teenage/adult gift appeal. For any young person desperate to fly the nest or about to embark on their first solo travels, this little fish could be the perfect gift.


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