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The Barefoot Book of Children




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Discover the must-have book for #AllChildren. Start conversations about diversity and inclusion with The Barefoot Book of Children, which depicts kids of a wide range of shapes, sizes, races, abilities and lifestyles from countries and cultures all over the world. From enjoying special days to trying on silly hats, The Barefoot Book of Children celebrates the big ideas and everyday moments that #AllChildren share. 

-Covers topics including bodies, families, feelings and faith 
-Includes 15 pages of endnotes unpacking the illustrations, empowering older children to explore these important issues on their own
-Features hand-painted illustrations by award-winning Barefoot Books World Atlas artist David Dean

“Definitely add this to the mix to create interested global citizens.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The Barefoot Book of Children is a colorful and hopeful celebration of childhood… [and] an affirmation of our inherent dignity as human beings” —Caryl Stern, CEO, US fund for UNICEF


Written By: Tessa Strickland, Kate Depalma

Illustrated By: David Dean